Special Occasions

Birthday Packages

RECEIVE A FREE ADDITIONAL HOUR WITH 5 HOURS OR MORE BOOKED. Our package includes chilled refreshments, a “Happy Birthday” Banner, and red carpet treatment!

One of Star’s biggest attractions are our birthday packages. Whether it’s a child’s birthday or a senior member of the family, Star’s birthday packages are a huge hit! Our birthday packages include a rolled out red carpet, sparkling cider and a “Happy Birthday” sign. Whether you’ve been charged with planning a party, have taken it upon yourself for someone you love or, if you want to plan something special for your own Birthday, Star is the ticket!

Planning a party for someone, or yourself, Star’s friendly staff can help you incorporate the ultimate in luxury transportation into a very special evening.

“SHHHHH…it’s a surprise!!!!” Surprise birthdays are something we specialize in. We promise you, “mum’s the word”. We’ll make sure that your chauffeur and our staff will do everything to help you pull off a great memory!

Anniversary Packages

Guys, between you and us, if you want to be sure to get out of the “doghouse” and then some, Star can provide you with a customized, turn-key, sure fire way to do just that. Give us a call and let our friendly staff know what you’re thinking about, we can provide creative ideas from there. The result, you’ll look like the Star that you are!

Ladies, Star can provide you with the ultimate anniversary experience as well. If you want to let your special man know how much you appreciate him, let our staff help you plan an unforgettable evening to celebrate.

TIP: A chauffeured sedan makes just as a good an impression as a limousine– at almost half the cost!

Engagement Packages

Over the years we’ve been there from the beginning….let us explain…we are regularly asked to help plan and to help execute simple to very elaborate wedding proposal events. And, we must admit, it’s been great fun to follow our couples from proposal, through their weddings and then for future services.

Our proposal events have included everything from a simulated “Amazing Race”, a pampered day for her to a scavenger hunt, all culminating with the “pop the question” moment. So far, with our help, we’re batting 1,000. We’re just saying….we’ll ok, we’ll say it, with Star’s help in planning your proposal, you can’t go wrong!

Quinceanera Packages

Packages include a “Quinceanera” gold sign placed on the limousine, ice, glassware, stemware, bottled water, napkins, sparkling cider champagne, and juice or soda (by request). Receive a FREE HOUR with 5 or more hours booked.

Our package will include chilled refreshments, and red carpet treatment!

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