Leave the hassles of parking behind!

Excited to see your favorite superstar rock out at the concert you bought tickets for months ago? Well, they don’t have to be the only star at the show— show up with your friends in style, and leave in style too, with our limo service to and from local Twin Cities concert halls or Rochester music venues. Bring the whole crew along and party in style long before the concert begins, and well after the last note plays.

Enjoy the fantastic music that the area has to offer without having to stress about parking, driving, and getting home safely after the show. Let our professional drivers handle all the little details so that you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the concert.

Why let Star Limo be your premium transportation to the big show?

Focus on the music. You don’t want to spend the whole concert worrying about parking and how you’re going to get home from the event— you want to enjoy the music! Let us worry about the driving and you can just let loose.

Watch the show, not the clock. Don’t worry about the encore dragging on— we’ll be waiting for you whenever you’re ready at the end of the concert. Hang out afterward and try to meet the performers, get an autograph, or grab some merchandise. We’ll be at the ready whenever you’re done.

Wide selection of Vehicles. Whether the big concert is part of a romantic date night or a big outing with tons of friends, we’ve got exactly the limousine that you need to guarantee that everybody makes it to the concert in comfort, style, and class. Our huge fleet of limos will give you plenty of sleek limos or coaches to choose from.

No Stress. For a big event like this, you want to focus on having a great time with friends and enjoying your favorite band or performer, not worry about where you can park and the cost of parking, or how you’re going to escape the maze of cars after the show. That’s what our professional drivers are for— let them handle all the little details so that you can get to rocking out to the tune of your favorite songs.

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